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Adapting to Changing Demographics

Indiana is increasingly becoming a state where diversity is growing and ministry needs are expanding. From small towns to urban cities, how do we promote an inclusive environment, so all will feel welcome? How do we integrate strategies for diversity, equity, and inclusion to respect each other’s differences, and encourage others to do the same?

Updating Building & Technology

In a rapidly changing world, it can be difficult for congregations to keep up with the demand for updated building and technology needs. Through our no-cost consulting and resource grant programs, the Center for Congregations provides Indiana congregations with the connections, funds, and guidance to upgrade building infrastructure and technology equipment. When it comes to technology, the Center for Congregations connects congregations with the resources they need to stay current with the ever-expanding digital world. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an intentional process by which congregational leaders identify future priorities for their congregations based on mission and take the steps necessary to implement those priorities into the life of the congregation. Strategic planning is an ongoing process that keeps the congregation focused on its mission and on its future actions.

Marketing & Outreach Programs

At the Center for Congregations, we believe in the power of community, and we’re dedicated to helping congregations connect with their communities at large. Marketing and outreach programs are critical for congregations that want to grow and thrive. The Center for Congregations offers free consulting for congregational leaders who are interested in expanding their marketing and outreach efforts.

Navigating Leadership Transition

Every congregation experiences the transition of leadership at one point or another. While the origin of these situations often vary, navigating the transition of leadership can be tricky. The Center for Congregations walks alongside congregations during times of leadership transition.

Support Through Trauma or Conflict

When people are struggling with difficult situations either within themselves, among their family, or in the professional world, they will often turn to their local congregation for support and reassurance. The church can provide people in their congregation with access to more mental health assistance than ever before. Thus, it’s important that congregations be prepared to support their community through times of trauma or conflict.

Managing Day-to-Day Operations

Whether a congregation has 100 or 10,000 people, effective management of day-to-day operations is important to ensuring good stewardship of the church. The Center for Congregations works with clergy, staff, laity and members to help them find resources to handle issues revolving around daily congregational life.

Developing Leaders, Staff, or Volunteers

There are a lot of challenges facing religious congregations today. It can be important for leaders to place their churches in the best position possible to grow. Congregations that are healthy and growing have a number of things in common. They have leaders, staff, and volunteers who are well-trained, who share the vision for their congregation, and who are committed to serving their members.

Developing Ministries to Meet Community Needs

Congregations are called to be a part of the work of God in their community. The Center for Congregations aids congregations in developing ministries to meet community needs and make social change. The Center provides resources, consulting, and training for Indiana congregations that want to create or expand ministries with impact in their communities. 

Guidance for Legal or Financial Needs

Legal and financial issues are always on the minds of church leaders. There are many intricacies involved with managing the legal and financial needs of a congregation. The Center for Congregations provides Indiana congregations with guidance for legal and financial needs.

Support for Worship Services

Worship is an integral part of the religious faith practice. It’s where we gather together in community to praise God and receive the Word. Center staff work with faith leaders to identify their worship needs and provide a number of available resources to help congregations effectively plan and implement worship services.