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  • November 30
    It’s challenging to fund all of your congregation’s projects and plans. But what if reducing the energy your building uses could power your ability to touch lives? This is precisely what Colby May,… more

  • November 30
    There are differences between ministry in a small congregation and ministry in a larger setting. While similarities are important, mastering the unique nature of working with and within a small… more

  • December 6
    You want to make a difference in the lives of your youth but, like many, may be struggling with the rapid pace of change in our world. Fortunately, there are great resources and research from places… more

Recent Postings

  • How Well Does Your Congregation Communicate?

    If we were to play the old word association game, and I said “audit,” how would you respond? Finance? Inspection? IRS? Complicated?

    You… more

  • Thinking Through What it Means to Help

    As the holiday season approaches, many congregations seek to bring cheer to others around them. One of the ways congregations traditionally help… more

  • Divergent Church

    Innovation is a buzz word making its way into the world of religion and congregational life. At the heart of the word innovate is the concept of… more