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  • March 21
    Effective communications is less about sending the right message and more about releasing the right response. Do you know the difference? More often than we realize, people aren’t looking for more… more

  • March 22
    Strategic planning is challenging but it doesn’t have to be complicated. When done well, strategic planning can provide an opportunity to hear numerous voices in your congregation and use that input… more

  • April 11
    While Americans remain deeply spiritual, they’re leaving congregational life behind. This is especially true of Millennials – about 1 in 10 regularly attend a congregational worship service. Surveys… more

Recent Postings

  • How Well Does Your Congregation Communicate?

    If we were to play the old word association game, and I said “audit,” how would you respond? Finance? Inspection? IRS? Complicated?

    You… more

  • Thinking Through What it Means to Help

    As the holiday season approaches, many congregations seek to bring cheer to others around them. One of the ways congregations traditionally help… more

  • Divergent Church

    Innovation is a buzz word making its way into the world of religion and congregational life. At the heart of the word innovate is the concept of… more