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Resource Consulting

We provide no-cost consulting to connect Indiana congregations with the best resources to navigate their challenges.

We listen and learn from you and share what we’ve discovered with other congregations extending our partnership into the wider faith community.

Today’s congregations face a variety of opportunities and challenges. From evolving technology and leadership transitions to strategic planning and funding building repairs, each day seems to bring a new idea or concern to your congregation.

It can be difficult to know where to turn. 

The Center for Congregations provides no-cost consulting to Indiana congregations to ensure you have access to the support we know every congregation needs and deserves. We listen first and seek to understand your concerns and then work to connect you with resources to help you determine the best solutions for your congregation. 

No question or concern is too big or too small. We’re here to help.

How does Resource Consulting work?

First, contact the Center for Congregations in your area. We have offices located in Crown Point, Evansville, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, and Seymour to better serve the wide variety of congregations in our state.  

Your congregation will be connected with a Resource Consultant who will serve as your main point of contact through the process. The consultant will meet with your congregation’s leadership to learn more about your congregation, your challenges, and ideal outcomes for you. Together, you will determine a resource discovery strategy in which the Resource Consultant along with other Center for Congregation staff members work to find the right resources to address your needs. Even after resources have been determined and shared, we continue to provide support as your congregational leaders have questions or concerns or new challenges arise.


Consultor de Recursos

Obtenga más información sobre los servicios de consultoría de recursos del Centro para la Congregación.

Consultora de Recursos Bilingue

Conozca a Noemi Cifuentes, consultora bilingüe de recursos en el Centro para las Congregaciones. Contacta con Noemi.

Other Services

Financial Resources

Our financial resources support Indiana congregations in meeting their goals by funding a variety of eligible expenses, resources, and activities.

Educational Resources

Our workshops connect you directly with industry experts and equip you with real-life examples and practical tools you can start using today.