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Financial Resources

Supporting Congregations to Meet Their Goals

Our team is here to help you get clarity around what is possible, which resources are available, and how you might best use them to meet your congregational goals.

We understand that funding is sometimes the biggest hurdle when starting a new project or addressing a challenge within a congregation. The Center for Congregations’ grant program supports Indiana congregations with meeting their goals through funding a variety of expenses, resources, and activities. We offer a variety of matching grants and special grant programs to allow congregations to select the funding that best meets their needs. 

Plus, we are with you every step of the way. A Center for Congregations staff member will be available to answer any questions from completing the application to receiving your grant and follow-up reporting. 

Congregational grants are made possible by a grant to the Center for Congregations from the Lilly Endowment Inc.

Learn more about our current grant opportunities

Resource Grants

A Resource Grant is a matching grant up to $25,000 for qualifying Indiana congregations to fund a variety of expenses, resources, and activities.

Equity Grants

The Equity Grant is designed to serve congregations impacted by systemic injustice or inequality. This funding opportunity is a 90/10 matching grant up to $25,000. To qualify, a congregation must have annual gross income of under $100,000, and be either a congregation of color or a rural congregation.

Mental Health Initiative

The Mental Health Initiative is an education and grant initiative designed to assist Indiana congregations in addressing mental health and wellness among their members. This opportunity includes educational sessions and a grant of up to $40,000 to fund expenses and activities that support mental health programming in congregations.

Grants Given
$2 Million
Amount of Dollars Given

Resource Consulting

Our no-cost consulting for Indiana congregations provides access to the support and resources we know every congregation needs and deserves.

Educational Resources

Our workshops connect you directly with industry experts and equip you with real-life examples and practical tools you can start using today.