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Faith & Tradition: The Consecration of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral

In Carmel, Indiana, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral stands tall as a symbol of faith for the Greek Orthodox community spanning over a century. Led by Father Gregory Hohnholt, the church, now in its third building, holds within its walls a profound history of devotion and service. 

In 2008, the parish moved from Indianapolis to the new Byzantine structure in Carmel. And, while every parish works toward consecrating their church, it was in 2022, that Holy Trinity embarked on a grant project with the Center for Congregations, a partnership that would help materialize their vision of consecration. 

”The parish knew it was going to be a monumental endeavor, both spiritually and financially. But our faith and our community’s commitment propelled us forward,” says Renee Brochhagen, parish council president. “The planning committee worked closely with the Center for Congregations, outlining our aspirations, our goals, and our challenges. Their support was instrumental in transforming our plan into a reality.”

To prepare the parish and parishioners for the opportunity for spiritual renewal and rejuvenation, Father Gregory Hohnholt worked with a group of parishioners to develop educational opportunities for parishioners to learn about the consecration and divine services, what they would mean for the parish and for each parishioner individually. These learning opportunities included a podcast and follow-up discussion session, educational videos posted on the parish website, and short articles in the weekly bulletin by clergy who previously served the parish dedicated to the topic of the consecration.

The Center for Congregations grant served as a cornerstone in the consecration process. It facilitated the accommodation and travel expenses for visiting clergy, ensuring their presence during the momentous occasion. Additionally, the grant supported the funding of the celebratory banquet and the printing of a liturgical services book for the consecration.

“The grant allowed us to extend invitations to clergy members who had served our parish, creating a profound sense of unity and tradition,” says Julie Rowlas, finance chair for the consecration committee. “The liturgical book served as a guide for parishioners, offering a glimpse into the sacred rituals of consecration. It was a labor of love, meticulously crafted by one of our young adult leaders to honor our faith and our heritage.”

The consecration ceremony on October 8, 2023, was a historic milestone for Holy Trinity. With over 550 parishioners, clergy, and guests in attendance, the church was infused with a renewed sense of purpose and sanctity. The parish completed all the necessary liturgical services to confirm the cathedral as a sacred space, sanctified and dedicated as a Church. As a result, the space was spiritually transformed.

“It was a day of celebration, reflection, and inspiration,” Renee shares. “Witnessing the dedication of our church as a holy space, made possible through the dedication and generosity of so many, is truly a blessing.”

Through their grant project with the Center for Congregations, Holy Trinity has not only consecrated a physical space but also consecrated the hearts and spirits of all who gather within its walls. Looking ahead, Holy Trinity will continue its mission of service and spiritual growth by helping other Orthodox parishes prepare their churches for consecration.

“This consecration is not just a milestone, but a reaffirmation of our faith, our community, and our enduring legacy,” says Julie. “It’s a testament to what we can achieve when we come together in service and devotion. We appreciate the opportunity to seek support through the Center for Congregations. The grant process was direct and approachable as are the Center for Congregations staff.”