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Presenter Resource Entry

The Center for Congregations believes that education events, like the one you are presenting, are beneficial on their own. Since our primary business is resources, we ask you to supplement your education event with resources that congregational leaders can use. Presenters like you are uniquely suited to know the best and most up-to-date resources available to congregational leaders. Per the presenter contract, we ask you to provide three to six of the best available resources in the topic area of the event. Resources may include print (books, articles, journals, etc.) and non-print (web-sites, videos, blogs, podcasts, etc.) materials. In addition to all pertinent bibliographical material, each description should include two or three sentences clearly summarizing the content and how it might be useful to a congregational leader.

We will add these resources to the CRG (https://thecrg.org) if appropriate, and/or create a curated collection authored by you. We often feature collections in our social media and marketing. The uploaded image, website, and other contact information will be an opportunity for people to see you and connect with your work. Be sure to include your website and social media links. Thank you in advance!