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Soul Care Essentials

You care for the people in your congregation but how are you at caring for yourself? The demands of leading can often prevent you from tending to your own well-being. Join Dale Sellers, Executive Director of 95Network as he shares from his experience the essentials of soul care. Dale understands well the demands of small- to mid-size congregational life and desires for leaders to learn to care for their own souls so that they can faithfully serve their community.

The event on October 3 will focus on the importance of assessing your private life: your inner world and what you do to care for it.

The event on October 10 will focus on the importance of tending to your personal life: your interpersonal relationships and how you tend to them.

Best for: Christian congregational leaders, especially those of small- to mid-size congregations

Live Online

This workshop will be offered twice to offer the most scheduling flexibility for attendees. Attendees do not need to attend both sessions.

Workshop(s) are listed in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

October 3, 2023
11:30 am-1:00 pm
October 10, 2023
6:00 pm-7:30 pm
About the instructor

Dale Sellers has been in ministry for 41 years. He and his wife Gina have been married for 40 years. They have three daughters and two sons in law, and two awesome grandchildren! He launched Dale Sellers Leadership, Inc. in March 2014 to assist organizations in the areas of leadership, inspiration and evangelism. Dale became a ministry consultant for The Unstuck Group in April 2017 with a focus on helping the small church. In July 2018, he accepted the position as the Executive Director of the 95Network which is a non-profit ministry designed to help small to medium sized churches through Content, Connections, Consulting, Coaching and Conferences. Dale signed with David C Cook Publishing and released his first book entitled, “STALLED: Hope & Help For Pastors Who Thought They’d Be There By Now,” in September of 2020.