November 09, 2017

When your congregants face illness, death and grief, they experience not only physical and emotional pain, but questions, problems and doubt.

What is your role and how can you best lead your congregation through these most difficult times? How do these events effect the spiritual lives of those involved? How do you bring faith together with medicine, the hospital, HIPAA, and death and dying? What about DNR, ethical dilemmas and advanced directives?

Bedside pastoral care is vitally important, but so is broaching these subjects. Death is the one common event in the future for every parishioner, so how can you prepare to not only face death personally, but also to support others who are facing death?

In this daylong event, Rev. Patrick Riecke will explore these… more

November 15, 2017

Congregations are about people. But your physical space is also an important asset requiring thought and care. Facility management leader Tim Cool shares his convictions that caring for your congregation's facility is caring for something that God has entrusted to you.

Join us for this workshop and explore the four components of facility stewardship – dreaming, planning, building and sustaining. You’ll discover why your facilities matter and how they impact the community and guests. Cool will help you define the simple, yet impactful word “guest” - and talk about why words matter. You’ll work on developing the four master plans that every congregation must have and learn how to establish a capital reserve plan and keep it active and current.


November 15, 2017

What would it look like to combine the best of your congregation’s faith traditions with fresh and innovative ideas? Creativity and renewal keep faith communities moving forward. However, there can be some discomfort when this innovation comes up against tradition.

Center staffer Kara Faris spent more than a year observing and exploring innovative practices in faith communities throughout the United States. In this journey, she discovered vibrant communities that maintained their core commitments but exhibited them in new ways.

Join Kara as she discusses how these congregations reinvented their experiences and found fresh life. Whether you’re merely curious about new models, seeking to do something innovative or just interested in the landscape of faith communities… more

November 30, 2017

There are differences between ministry in a small congregation and ministry in a larger setting. While similarities are important, mastering the unique nature of working with and within a small membership faith community can be the key to vibrant congregational life.

Utilizing his 30 plus years of ministry experience, workshop facilitator Karl Vaters describes the importance of small membership congregations. Small does not mean somehow “lesser” than other churches. Vaters highlights principles about leading in smaller congregations that will enable you to leverage your own unique context. You will also explore the strengths of your own specific congregation.

In this workshop, you will:

be affirmed in the value of your congregation and your ministry – no matter the… more
November 30, 2017

It’s challenging to fund all of your congregation’s projects and plans. But what if reducing the energy your building uses could power your ability to touch lives?

This is precisely what Colby May, founder and president of LiT, believes: energy management seen in the right light can enable and empower you to better achieve your core mission and vision. May will teach you how to expand your funding through energy management and efficiency.
More specifically, you will learn about energy management through benchmarking in existing buildings. May explores with you the importance of energy management, the importance of evaluating utility usage, the various components of energy management (HVAC, lighting, building envelope, plug load, etc.), how behavior plays a part in… more

December 07, 2017

You can use the current information about youth ministry trends to make a positive impact in your local congregation and surrounding community. This luncheon workshop explores current challenges and trends around youth and adolescents in the congregational setting.

Led by pastor and congregational consultant Terrance Bridges, the workshop begins with the exploration of the latest information on youth development, including materials from Princeton Theological Seminary Youth Ministry Center, the Fuller Theological Youth Institute and themes that have developed from the Center for Congregations' work in Indiana. From there, you’ll enter into discussion about the factors that lead to thriving youth initiatives in congregations. You will also glean current practices from colleagues… more

This on-demand course focuses on the 2015-2016 Center for Congregations investigation of Indiana congregations engaging young adults. Center staff member Wendy McCormick coordinated the project, which included interviews with leaders of young adult ministries around the state and a gathering of leaders from about 20 congregations effectively engaging young adults.

Course Elements

 6 topical videos from 3 - 6 minutes each  Group reflection worksheet  Center for Congregations article on young adult engagement


Take the Course

 Estimated total time required: 1 hour  Course is free  Create an account with your email only (no password required)  Take at your own pace; stop and return when it's convenient  Keep this… more