October 23, 2019

This lunch workshop provides hands-on opportunities to develop better creativity and problem solving within your congregation. 

Strategic planning consultant Tad Dickel addresses the accelerating rate of change in today's society, characteristics of effective creative problem solving in teams, and divergent and convergent thinking. In advance of the workshop, you will be offered the Basadur Profile, an assessment that identifies your creative problem-solving style. Dickel unpacks this helpful tool at the workshop. You’ll gain better understanding of creative problem solving and how to begin applying some of these skills in your congregation. You’ll learn to use both to address challenges and to engage in more productive conversations and decision making.

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November 13, 2019

You can develop a community ministry that has real impact. This informative and interactive workshop introduces ideas, key elements and tools to help your congregation empower people and make a difference in your community.  

Pastor and educator Kilen Gray will facilitate this workshop in which you will learn:

How to develop a vision for community ministry through formal and informal conversations. How to discover what your congregation needs to create and implement a vision for community ministry. A way of thinking that assesses the needs of individuals and takes seriously the social constructs that affect lives. How other stakeholders shape a community ministry.


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