January 31, 2019

Capital campaigns are intimidating. They involve a lot of decisions, planning and work, along with uncertain outcomes. And often there’s a lot at stake. Hearing from those who have completed successful capital campaigns is one of the best ways to prepare for a new campaign or to navigate your campaign that’s already underway.

Join fundraising executive Rob Henson as he provides an interactive presentation utilizing research, his experience and anecdotes about the ingredients for a successful capital campaign. Henson will bring a mixture of real-life examples and templates, as well as campaign theory from current trends in modern philanthropy.

At this luncheon workshop, you will learn:

the basic processes and steps of a successful capital campaign. building blocks… more
February 07, 2019

Effective communications is less about sending the right message and more about releasing the right response. Do you know the difference? More often than we realize, people aren’t looking for more information—they’re looking for ways to make sense of the information they already have. Many times, instead of helping people with relief from overload, we just throw more on the pile and add to the confusion.

This workshop is for you as a pastor, creative professional, ministry leader or volunteer looking for ways to get your message out to where your audience connects, whether that is online or off.

Communications leader Kem Meyer facilitates this workshop. She doesn’t focus on symptomatic relief and short-term solutions alone, but rather on connections that can make… more

May 01, 2019

We have greater awareness of our neighbors than ever before. This awareness includes the present reality of great division across racial and ethnic lines. Your congregation can play a key role in creating safe space to have difficult conversations about racial inequities. You can help lead the way in moving our culture toward collective action to achieve a fairer and more just society.
Dr. Michael R. Twyman, subject matter expert on race and racism, leads this full-day workshop. He will help increase your understanding about race, as well as actions and responses your congregation can take to combat racism. This is a highly interactive workshop, so come prepared to participate in dialogue about all of the topics listed below. Dr. Twyman will use this time as an… more