March 23, 2017

You’re invited to explore a more expansive way of being a congregation beyond the walls of the congregation.

Pastor and author Keith Anderson facilitates this workshop to lead you through a look at our changing religious and cultural landscape, particularly in regards to rising religious un-affiliation among young adults and advances in digital social media.

Discussion will center on the “cathedral” as a metaphor for this expanded view of being church beyond the church building. You will be invited to think about your own neighborhoods and communities and consider ministry experiments in local gathering “third places” like pubs, coffee shops, farmer’s markets and college campuses. Anderson will also help you to focus on ways of being present and ministering across… more

April 26, 2017

What does it take to transform an idea into a viral movement to engage Millennials? Author and researcher Derrick Feldmann has spent the past two years talking with the people behind the biggest social movements of our time. He'll share their stories and some of their secrets and talk about what your congregation can do to make your message take off with Millennials. 

Effective movements don't arise by accident. People don't spontaneously come together and effect real change or show interest. If you want your ideas to succeed, you need a solid strategy and the tools to follow through.

Why are movements important?
In today’s hyper-connected environment, Millennials are drawn to the fields of cause and social concerns. From Feldmann’s research, your… more