The (New) Landscape of American Christianity

The (New) Landscape of American Christianity

New research data shows how the religious landscape has shifted in America over the last 50 years, ushering in an era of massive mistrust and institutional disaffiliation across all sectors. The key to reaching Gen Z is understanding these trends and what you can do about them. In this interactive event, Dr. Josh Packard, Executive Director of Springtide Research Institute reveals what nearly two year’s worth of research with young people show about how to build lasting relationships that are influential and impactful. 

Drawing on Springtide Research Institute’s data and cutting edge social science, Dr. Josh Packard will show you why it’s important to be able to put yourself in the shoes of young people and guide you through exercises designed to help you understand what young people are experiencing. These same exercises can then be used with the young people you work with. 

In the last two years, Springtide has collected the largest dataset in the world about Gen-Z’s beliefs and spirituality with more than 23,000 survey responses and hundreds of interviews with 13-25 year olds. 

Learning Outcomes:
• Learn why belonging precedes believing
• Understand how talking about “generations” has become the last acceptable place to express bias
• Practice Exercises in Empathy to help connect with young people’s experiences of the pandemic


Wednesday, November 3 | REGISTER FOR THIS WORKSHOP
12 PM - 1:30 PM EST

Tuesday, November 16 | REGISTER FOR THIS WORKSHOP 
1:30 PM - 3 PM EST



Dr. Josh Packard, Executive Director of Springtide Research Institute, is an accomplished researcher with an expertise in the sociology of religion and new forms of religious expression. A talented speaker and writer, with over 
10 years of teaching experience, Josh has been a guest on numerous radio shows and podcasts, and has been an invited speaker at many conferences, events, and workshops. He has been published widely in both academic and 
popular outlets, including Christianity Today, The Aspen Institute, The Huffington Post, Desert News, and Christian Science Monitor, among others. Josh earned his Ph.D. in sociology from Vanderbilt University and did his undergraduate work in English at Texas Lutheran University.