Leading Through Change

Leading Through Change

R&THow many times have you worked for a change only to see things drift back to status quo? Change that is lasting happens when people, teams and organizations transition into a new and better reality, making it difficult and undesirable to ever go back. In this workshop, you'll take an interactive journey to explore leadership as the art of helping people to see what could be and to skillfully guide them to a better future.

This event is part of the Learn and Lead Series: Creating your "New Normal" Through Change Leadership, led by Ritch Hochstetler and Tracy Buller of Change Architects. To see the whole series, click here

Date and time: 10:30 a.m.-Noon (Eastern) Thursday, October 22, 2020

Cost: Free

Best for: Individuals and teams who know that becoming more change-capable in these uncertain times is necessary for fulfilling your intended mission/vision.

Intended Outcome: You will be able to drive progress on a real change you are currently considering or leading.

Outline for the workshop:

  • Changing how we think about change.
  • Understanding and recognizing the process of change and transition.
  • How leading people through change is different than leading the process of change.