Leading Better Together

Leading Better Together

R&TIf you want your leadership or your ministry to be exponentially better, be a team. Healthy, growing, and thriving teams are known to have the greatest missional impact, but no team simply drifts to health. Through experiential learning, this workshop explores the habits and practices of healthy teams.

This event is part of the Learn and Lead Series: Creating your "New Normal" Through Change Leadership, led by Ritch Hochstetler and Tracy Buller of Change Architects. To see the whole series, click here

Date and time: 10:30 a.m.-Noon (Eastern) Thursday, November 5, 2020

Cost: Free

Best for: Leadership teams who are struggling, those who are doing well and want to learn how to lead even better together, and everyone in between.

Intended Outcome: You and your team will identify and walk away with 3 action steps to help you lead better together.

Outline of the workshop:

  • Understanding the difference between a working group and a team
  • Imagining the potential of your team
  • Grow in the characteristics of healthy, thriving teams
  • Recognize how transparency and vulnerability are necessary for building a foundation of trust
  • Engage resources for better understanding and leveraging the gifts, strengths and capabilities of your team.