The Formative Power of Your Congregation

The Formative Power of Your Congregation

timIt is time to move your congregation from a place that recruits volunteers to a community that shapes lives and changes social forces for the good. In this workshop, you will learn the three congregational components that have formative power. These components serve as a map, helping people to live their true lives. Center for Congregations President Tim Shapiro explores how your congregation changes lives, helps people grow and promotes the common good in your community and even around the world.

Date and time: 10-11:30 a.m. (Eastern) December 3, 2020

Cost: free

Best for: individuals and teams that want their congregation to be about the lives of its people. 

Intended Outcome: You will learn how your congregation can direct attention to what matters most in the lives of your congregants.

Outline for the workshop:

  • Celebrate that your congregation changes lives
  • Understand the three components of your congregation’s formative power
  • Develop two action steps related to formation