Effective Religious Education

Effective Religious Education

endonDo you worry about the effectiveness of your teaching? Many of us involved in religious education were not necessarily trained in educational practices. We do the best we can with the curriculum we’ve been given. However, there are good practices that can be learned that apply regardless of the age group or curriculum you teach. 

Join Endon Perkins, business education teacher, as she helps you understand effective teaching in any situation. She'll share tips on integrating technology into your instruction and will help you gain confidence in your ability to deliver solid educational experiences.

Date and time: 1:30-3 p.m. (Eastern) December 2, 2020

Cost: free

Topics covered:

  • Understanding your audience (especially age-related factors)
  • The four-step process of teaching
  • Creative teaching techniques
  • Using technology with teaching

Best for: clergy, staff and volunteers in congregations that teach small groups, bible studies, children’s curriculum, youth groups, etc.