Creative Strategies for Inclusive Worship

Creative Strategies for Inclusive Worship

People communicate and connect to God and others in a wide variety of ways. Our gatherings can be more accessible and inclusive when we incorporate activities that utilize a diverse methods of learning and communication. As pastor of a church where people from a broad range of abilities and disabilities worship together, workshop instructor, Bethany McKinney Fox, has had the opportunity to learn about participatory, multisensory worship first-hand by leading an ability-inclusive community every week. She has learned by experimenting, and has discovered alternative methods to engage folks who learn and communicate in many different ways.

In this presentation she will guide participants through a selection of multisensory rituals, practices, and ways of engaging with God and one another, to help folks develop their own ideas that will help expand options for engagement in their context.

This workshop is best for:  

  • congregational leaders working to develop more interactive practices in worship gatherings, small groups, etc.
  • congregations desiring to develop embodied practices especially in online gatherings.
  • congregations wanting to be more inclusive in worship practices for those with disabilities.


Thursday, September 30, 2021 | REGISTER FOR THIS WORKSHOP
1:30 - 3 PM EST


Bethany-McKinney-FoxBethany McKinney Fox is the organizing pastor of a church startup, Beloved Everybody Church, in Los Angeles, CA where people with and without intellectual disabilities lead and participate together. She finds her joy and calling in speaking, teaching, and creating spaces and relationships that celebrate and make known the gifts of people of all abilities - especially people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, whose gifts are too often ignored. She believe "we have gifts, and we are gifts - all of us - to one another" and enjoys supporting others to create these spaces in their own congregations. 

Bethany's recent book, Disability and the Way of Jesus: Holistic Healing in the Gospels and the Church (IVP Academic, 2019) explores how the narratives of Jesus healing in the Gospels can constructively guide church communities to be true places of healing in the way of Jesus for people with disabilities.