Creative Problem Solving for Congregations

Creative Problem Solving for Congregations

Your congregation already has creative tools to address change – you justdt need to learn how to unlock your potential for creative problem solving. Using the Basadur Profile Assessment, which identifies individuals’ problem-solving styles, you’ll learn to address challenges and engage in more productive conversations and decision making. Dr. Tad Dickel, trainer and consultant, leads this workshop.

Date and time: 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. (Eastern) Tuesday, May 5, 2020. This is a live online workshop.

Cost: Free. Registration is limited to 40 attendees.

Best for: Leaders, both clergy and lay, from all congregations. Any person or team seeking to deepen leadership skills, decision making and teamwork.

Intended Outcomes: You will learn your own creative problem-solving style, how to best leverage your own style and develop teams that use the best of what each person has to offer. 

Outline of the day:

  • Learn your problem-solving style using the Basadur Profile. 
  • Understand how the different styles affect how people approach creativity and problem solving.
  • You'll practice divergent and convergent thinking.
  • Apply fundamentals of creativity and problem solving to real questions and challenges experienced by congregations.