Christian Discipleship through Character Formation

Christian Discipleship through Character Formation

mhAre you frustrated with how little transformation you see in your life and your church? Do you ever wonder why we don’t see more radical transformation of people in our churches? Why do some areas of our lives seem resistant to change? These were Michel Hendricks’ frustrating questions as a pastor when he met the neurotheologian Dr. Jim Wilder. When Michel asked him these questions, Jim replied, “It might help you to understand how God designed the human brain to form character.” What Michel learned from Jim changed the way he viewed discipleship. Michel now combines the Bible and brain science to form maturity and character the way God designed our bodies to grow.

Date and time: 10:30 a.m.-Noon (Eastern) June 29, 2021

Cost: Free

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding the importance of joy (faces of grace) to our emotional/relational/spiritual growth and well being
  • Practicing the joy/quiet cycle that God designed into us 
  • Learning the difference between maturity and character and why both are necessary to create disciples of Jesus. 

Best for: Christian congregations interested in discipleship/faith formation