Become a Better Neighbor: From "Other" to Ally

Become a Better Neighbor: From "Other" to Ally

Due to CDC recommendations of gatherings no larger than 50 people, we are rescheduling all of our on-site workshops and luncheons. We will be holding free live online events starting this week and throughout the next few months, and these events will be free of charge. We will announce the line-up of events soon.

If you are already registered for an event, we will communicate directly to you soon about refunds and attendance options. We look forward to serving you through this difficult period. If you have questions, please reach out directly to Matt Burke at

ajpConnecting with others is vital to congregational life. We need more empathy and openness to diversity in the current climate of division in our culture Join Dr. Alma Zaragoza-Petty and Jason Petty (a.k.a. Propaganda) as they share from their education and experience to introduce new ideas and demystify old ideas related to social justice and faith. They will help equip you and your congregation to develop a better understanding of, and deeper empathy for, the “other.”

Date and time: 9 a.m.-4 p.m. (Eastern) Thursday, April 23, 2020 at First Missionary Church in Fort Wayne

Cost: $30 per person – or $25 per person when congregational teams of three or more register together

Best for: Anyone interested in diversity, clergy and lay-leaders who wish to learn skills to develop empathy and relationship with those different from themselves.

Intended Outcomes: Attendees will develop better understanding of a number of tools and ideas (below) related to learning about and developing empathy for people of different backgrounds and experiences.

Topics covered in this workshop:

  • social identity theory in light of the Christian scriptures
  • intersectionality
  • critical race theory
  • feminism
  • allyship

Interactivity: This event will include approximately 65% instruction and 35% conversation/interaction/activities.