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Center for Congregations Holiday Message 2023

Hi, I’m Tim Shapiro, the President of the Center for Congregations, and this is my holiday greeting for you. 

I have a friend, a pastor, who says that if she wasn’t a pastor, she would want to be an astronaut. And I think, “An astronaut?” And she says, “Yeah, I’d like to see this blue planet of ours from a distance, to see its beauty, to think and dream, to have imaginations about what a special place planet Earth is.”

So I thought of that, and I thought: You know, what a special place, what a special people, what a special community your congregation is.

This year, 52 weeks of education classes, of mission, I hope that during these holiday weeks that you have an opportunity to step back. Maybe even go into your own kind of outer space and imagination, and see your congregation as a beautiful thing. To rest and relax into what you’ve already done, and look towards 2024, a year where we hope the Center for Congregations can be part of your congregational life. But for now, holiday greetings.