Recorded Workshops

Recorded Workshops

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Digital Media for Ministry: Social Media 

Now that so much of congregational life is online it’s time to dig into some of the important tools you can use in the digital space. Join Deidre Gray of Kingdom Solution and Rev. Dr. Dominique Robinson as they share how social media can be used well in your congregation. This event is meant to provide an overview of social media to help you understand the landscape so that you can identify which areas apply to you and your congregation.

October 28 Recording 
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Recording Expires: November 28, 2021


The (New) Landscape of American Religion 

New research data shows how the religious landscape has shifted in America over the last 50 years, ushering in an era of massive mistrust and institutional disaffiliation across all sectors. The key to reaching Gen Z is understanding these trends and what you can do about them. In this interactive event, Dr. Josh Packard, Executive Director of Springtide Research Institute reveals what nearly two year’s worth of research with young people show about how to build lasting relationships that are influential and impactful. 

Drawing on Springtide Research Institute’s data and cutting edge social science, Dr. Josh Packard will show you why it’s important to be able to put yourself in the shoes of young people and guide you through exercises designed to help you understand what young people are experiencing. These same exercises can then be used with the young people you work with. 

Learning Outcomes:
• Learn why belonging precedes believing
• Understand how talking about “generations” has become the last acceptable place to express bias
• Practice Exercises in Empathy to help connect with young people’s experiences of the pandemic

November 3 Recording 
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Recording Expires:  December 3, 2021 

November 17 Recording
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Recording Expires: December 17, 2021


BOTH/AND Worship To Be Continued 

After more than 18 months of doing our best to live into BOTH/AND, many congregations are feeling a mixture of exhilaration and exhaustion when thinking about the continuation of hybrid worship. While many have seen their reach extended, some have begun to lose their passion and resolve for creating truly hybrid worship experiences. As in-person numbers have increased, more and more congregations are asking, “can we stop doing online now?” If that’s you, don’t give up! Now is the time to re-new and re-energize your passion for BOTH/AND. It’s making a difference.

Join Jason Moore for a follow up to the popular BOTH/AND webinar. BOTH/AND: To Be Continued will focus on why hybrid should carry on, how to continue to iterate and will provide tangible handles on how to do it well. This brand new 90 minute training brings all new content focused on the why, how and what we can do to run the next leg of this very important race. We are living in an incredible moment of opportunity in our congregations. Let’s lean in and continue to iterate forward. 

This workshops includes: 

• An invitation to determine your WHY for BOTH/AND worship
• 13 reasons why BOTH/AND must continue 
• Answer to the “what if they don’t come back to the building” question
• How to create a BOTH/AND Think Tank at your congregation
• How to build an intentional chat strategy in order foster real relationships 
• BOTH/AND pro tips
• Q&A

November 10 Recording 
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Recording Expires: December 10, 2021

November 18 Recording
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Recording Expires: December 18, 2021