Recorded Workshops

Recorded Workshops

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Integrating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategies in Congregations

We are living in a time when too many polarizing issues are causing anger that unfortunately spills into the church. It has never been more important to promote an inclusive environment, so all will feel welcome. How do we integrate strategies for diversity, equity, and inclusion to respect each other’s differences, and help others do the same? This interactive workshop will help you self-reflect and discover areas where you can be more effective, and maximize your ability to foster an environment that supports our continued fellowship and growth

August 25 Workshop Recording 
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Recording Expires: September 24, 2021


Fast Food Franchise to Local Dive

The Franchise to Local Dive: Growing Your Congregation workshop series is designed to help your congregation multiply by finding your contextual flavor. Whether you’re starting something new, like a new worship service, a second campus, or a more robust online worship experience, OR you’re revitalizing something old like an existing worship service, this webinar will give you all of the ingredients to form a new recipe that will keep people coming back. Join authors and coaches Jason Moore and Rosario Picardo for a five session training that will expose you to numerous case studies, implementable ideas for congregations of every type and hands on conversation to help you walk away with an action plan.

Session 1
This first session centers on two major questions. We start by emphasizing the importance of determining your why and the perils of not knowing what it is. We give you the tools to define your why so that you can create a lasting recipe.

August 31 Workshop Recording
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Recording Expires: September 30, 2021

Session 2
In session 2, we discussed how to build a lasting and happier relationship between the existing entity (worship service/campus/etc) and what you’re building (new service, new campus, new expression of church). You’ll learn how to create a covenant agreement that establishes a shared understanding of all that will take place in the construction of your new recipe. 

September 2 Workshop Recording
Recording Expires: October 2, 2021 


Integrating Personal and Sacred Stories 

In this workshop, Narrative Enneagram teacher Annie Dimond discussed how to use the Enneagram as a tool for understanding your personal story within the horizons of the sacred stories told in your congregation. Faith communities have sacred stories which are precisely about narrating what we should and should not be afraid of, and what kind of power we have when we encounter threats. We cannot encounter our fears without making decisions about how we will relate to them. And we can’t make these decisions without an operative understanding about what reality is and is like. This workshop will get you started honing in on how you might do that wisely and within your tradition.​​​​​​​

September 14 Recording
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Recording Expires: October 14, 2021