Recorded Workshops

Recorded Workshops

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Creative Strategies for Inclusive Worship 

People communicate and connect to God and others in a wide variety of ways. Our gatherings can be more accessible and inclusive when we incorporate activities that utilize a diverse methods of learning and communication. As pastor of a church where people from a broad range of abilities and disabilities worship together, workshop instructor, Bethany McKinney Fox, has had the opportunity to learn about participatory, multisensory worship first-hand by leading an ability-inclusive community every week. She has learned by experimenting, and has discovered alternative methods to engage folks who learn and communicate in many different ways.

In this presentation Bethany guides participants through a selection of multisensory rituals, practices, and ways of engaging with God and one another, to help folks develop their own ideas that will help expand options for engagement in their context.

September 30 Recording 
Access Passcode: uE%c3!L8
Recording Expires: October 30, 2021 


Formation for Christian Living in a New World 

People of all ages today are asking the question “How shall we live now?” The pandemic has disrupted our lives in ways that we have only begun to name. We are searching anew for meaning and purpose – now in a post-pandemic world. What are the approaches, resources, people, and wisdom we need to address the “How shall we live now?” question?

One approach is to focus on formation in Christian practices. We form people in the practices of the Christian way of life by drawing upon the wisdom of the Bible and Christian tradition, and connecting the practices to the “signs of the times” – the struggles, joys, needs, and hungers of people and communities today, and equipping people with the skills and ways to live the practice in their daily life.

This recorded workshop presents the vision and tools for designing Christian practices formation programs. There are examples of curriculum approaches, program designs, and learning activities that churches can use.

October 6 Recording 
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Recording Expires: November 6, 2021


Digital Media for Ministry 

Now that so much of congregational life is online it’s time to dig into some of the important tools you can use in the digital space. Join Deidre Gray of Kingdom Solution as she and her team provide some basics for digital media including:

  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Virtual Events 
  • SEO (search engine optimization) 
  • Management Systems 
  • Content Creation

This recorded workshop is meant to provide an overview of these things to help you understand the landscape so that you can identify which areas apply to you and your congregation.

There will be a follow-up event that will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about these topics based on your interests and questions. 

October 7 Recording 
Access Passcode: 6##v6B0x
Recording Expires: November 6, 2021