Recorded Workshops

Recorded Workshops

Beyond Four Walls: Called Outside of the Church to Connect with Diverse Communities 

We are called beyond our congregations to connect with cultures and communities around us. No matter your denomination or religious foundation, most congregations have a sacred calling to serve the people and communities around them. Unfortunately, too many congregations have become complacent in residing comfortably within the four walls of our churches. We may send money to foreign countries, maybe even send food to a local homeless shelter a couple of times a year but is this the true mission of our churches? There are those congregations that commit to a once-a-year schedule evangelical crusade. The traditional approach is to seek out a marginalized neighborhood, make assumptions about the people and their needs, deliver food or services without invitation or connection, and expect this handout would result in folks willing to listen to a doctrine intended to convert the residents.  

Now more than ever, we must recognize that we are called out of the church not to convert but to connect; to listen, learn, and love. In order to make these vital connections, we must be intentional about increasing cultural competency and extending care from our congregation to diverse communities. We must also take an assets approach to build these critical relationships by recognizing, learning from, and valuing the community capital, cultural wealth, and funds of knowledge unique to each neighborhood. When we take this relational approach, there is much to teach, much to learn, and much to gain today and for future generations. Let’s not be color-blind, let’s be color-brave; let’s be culture-brave, and let’s start in our congregations!

Recording Date: August 30, 2022
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Reaching Young People in a Digital World 

Are you unsure how to reach new, un-churched people, or how to engage the young folks already in your congregational community? Do you feel overwhelmed by the work it takes to create a great online presence for your church? Are you unsure where to even start? Join Kaeli Sweigard, digital marketer and former Communications Coordinator for the Canadian Council of Churches, in this interactive session to learn:

  • How to attract seekers (and the ways you may be unintentionally driving them away)
  • Why young adults aren’t joining your church (even if they said they had a nice time when they visited)   
  • The #1 fundraising tip you need to know about how Gen Z and Millennials choose to donate

Recording Date: September 7, 2022
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Recording Date: September 14, 2022
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How Congregations Serve a Center for Lifelong Learning and Faith Formation 

Every church can become a center of lifelong learning in faith and discipleship. Lifelong faith formation can be a reality for every church community, regardless of size, finances, location, and resources. The significant challenges and obstacles churches face are daunting, but they can be opportunities for reinventing faith formation to become more responsive, resilient, flexible, and adaptable as a congregation. 

This presentation proposes seven elements for developing lifelong faith formation that every church can contextualize and customize to their size, location, and diversity of their people. Use these elements to guide your church in becoming a center of lifelong learning and faith formation. 

Recording Date: September 22, 2022 
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Recording Date: September 28, 2022
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