Recorded Live Online Events

Recorded Live Online Events

Adapt and Thrive: Small Congregations and the Pandemic
Recorded workshop from August 6, 2020

Smaller membership congregations (<250) have unique challenges, advantages, and resources available to them. Pastor and educator Karl Vaters will uncover these with a particular concentration on how your small congregation can adapt, thrive and be a blessing to your members and surrounding community during the pandemic and its aftermath.

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The Science of Conflicts: Why They Happen and How to Avoid Them
Recorded workshop from August 5, 2020 

There’s no question: a global pandemic is a challenging time for everyone. But even in the best of times, our sacred spaces often become hotbeds of conflict. Congregants' competing needs and wants can boil over into conflicts that can impair the health of our communities. This live online event explores the psychology and neurobiology behind that cycle. Writer, speaker and podcaster Mike McHargue offers actionable strategies to de-escalate conflicts and invite people into empathy and reconciliation.

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Loss, Grief and Pastoral Care during COVID-19
Recorded workshop from July 21, 2020 

The year 2020 has taken a toll on many people of faith - some are experiencing many layers of frustration, isolation, and even grief. For those impacted by death or hospitalization, related to the pandemic or not, this season can feel particularly overwhelming. How do you provide pastoral care to those who are hurting the most as they try to make sense out of their experience? Parkview Chaplaincy Director Patrick Riecke talks loss, grief, pastoral care and COVID, and responds to your specific questions about how to provide care during this unusual time.

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