On Demand Courses

On Demand Courses

On Demand Education Courses

The Center for Congregations' on demand courses provide topic-based, self-paced educational courses for congregational leaders and members. These courses are designed to provide easy-to-implement information and resources to support congregations seeking to further their impact within and outside of their congregation. 

Currently Available On Demand Courses

Caring Congregations 

In a time of so much illness, grief, and loss, congregations have the opportunity to provide guidance, wisdom, and support to their community members in crisis. This on demand course provides information to congregations seeking to start pastoral care teams and care for the sick, dying, and grieving. 

This course contains: 

  • A framework for phases of spiritual growth.
  • Making meaning out of suffering.
  • Practical tips for visitation.
  • An updated COVID module.



Peer Support Groups: Supporting People in an After-COVID World

As the world navigates the end of a pandemic and times of isolation and distance, peer support groups are an effective and relatively easy way to foster relationships and support those in your congregation. This course, hosted by Mike McHargue, helps congregations seeking to develop peer support groups in their community. 

This course covers:

  • The mental health impact of the pandemic. 
  • Decisions to make prior to launching a support group.
  • How to launch and lead a peer support group.