Let's Address Racism

Let's Address Racism

Dear Congregational Leaders,

Once again, the always present reality of racism has revealed itself through the senseless deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. Racism is abhorrent. In the United States, racism is a cruel epidemic. Racism steals the breath of Black People and other people of color. Center board member Dr. Alton Pollard comments, "The experience of Black America extends beyond death. Social death is no less real from disparities and inequities to disease and all manner of injustice." Racism has no place in our communities of faith.
The Center wants to be a resource for congregations which are addressing racism. The Center wants to learn from Tim Shapirocongregations of color which live with the effects of racism every day. There are excellent resources for courageous conversations about race.  At the Center for Congregations, led by our Cultural Competency Team, we are advocating for truth-telling about racism.
Congregations seeking an anti-racist journey are invited to walk alongside the Center on its own anti-racist journey. For congregations which are among the few safe places for people of color, you are our resource and we want to follow your lead.
Below you will find links to resources that we offer. Let us know what anti-racism resources are helping your congregation.


Tim Shapiro
Center for Congregations

CRG Collection, Let's Address Racism

This discussion guide by Sojourners is for conversations about race.  
This article provides self-care guidance for many who are experiencing intense stress.

This article offers practical steps to support people of color as an ally.

This downloadable curriculum is for White faith communities wishing to "engage in safe, meaningful, substantive, and bold conversations on race” and privilege.

This guide is about White privilege and the importance of dialogue concerning this reality.
This resource page helps congregations understand racism and provides tools for worship, shabbat, justice reform, and liturgy.