Community Ministry Grants

Community Ministry Grants

Beyond Your Four Walls: Congregations and Community Ministry

iccThe Center for Congregations announces an education and matching grant opportunity for Indiana Congregations – the Community Ministry Grants program (CMG).

Ministry beyond your four walls, or community ministry, is on the hearts of many congregations today. There are a variety of ways to do community ministry. Extending charity to our neighbors is one vital form of community ministry. Another is working on political issues that impact our neighbors. Yet another, doing ministry with (not for) people in the community is emerging as a vibrant way to move beyond the four walls of the congregation. Often referred to as “mutual ministry,” this form of outreach depends on building friendships and collaborative support between your congregation and those you seek to serve.

Ministry with our neighbors is easier said than done. The Center for Congregations wants to support Indiana congregations in this challenging work.

The Community Ministry Grant program (CMG) is an education and matching grant program designed to help Indiana congregations engage in mutual ministry with their chosen community. Thirty Indiana congregations beyond the metro Indianapolis area will be selected to participate. Congregations can participate in only one major grants initiative at a time. If your congregation is already participating in a major grants initiative, you are not eligible for the CMG.

CMG guides your congregation as you learn to launch a new mutual community ministry with, not for, your chosen community. A chosen community is one you want to focus on. It could be your actual neighborhood, a school, a particular group of people in an area, like single mothers, senior citizens, unemployed youth. We will show you some good ways to choose.


This Community Ministry Grant program (CMG) provides selected congregations with a nine-month educational program, including three in-person sessions and two live online gatherings, followed by the opportunity to apply for up to $30,000 of matching grant money to help launch a new community ministry. The program also offers expert consultation with community ministry professionals.

You will have the opportunity to learn from experts.

  • How to effectively listen to your chosen community.
  • How to listen to your own congregation so that they are engaged and committed to the new ministry.
  • How to integrate the strengths and passions of your congregation with the strengths, passions and needs of your chosen community in order to create a new mutual ministry program.

Mutual community ministry is a way for your congregation to learn how to move beyond your four walls. You will find partners and friends. Together, you and your chosen community will share the action, share the struggle and share the joy of doing something good.

Important Dates:

  Early January 2018 – complete program description and application available

  January 30 and February 1, 2018 – four information sessions offered around the state.

  March 20, 2018 – program applications due

  April 17, 2018 – program acceptance notification

  May 17, 2018 – first education day, Indianapolis

  June 2018 - second education day, regional locations

  September 2018 – first live online regional gatherings

  December 2018 – second live online regional gatherings

  February 2019 – third education day, regional locations

  June 1, 2019 – early grant submission date

  August 1, 2019 – early submission matching grants awarded

  November 1, 2019 – final date for matching grant application submission

  December 2019 – all matching grants awarded

To apply for this program, please read the CMG program guidelines and the Mutual Ministry article and download and complete the CMG application and follow the instructions to submit.

If you have questions, please contact Katie Lindberg at or 219-472-4938.