Center 2024

Center 2024

The Center for Congregations is planning for the future to ensure we continue to be a valuable resource to Indiana congregations. Our mission is to help Indiana congregations find and use the best resources to address their challenges and opportunities and share what we learn nationwide. 

Simply, w
e want to serve more congregations in ways that are truly helpful. We seek to identify emerging objectives and strategies and then implement programs to support you and your congregation. Through this process, we want to understand and respond effectively to changing congregational challenges and opportunities. 

Your input and the input of your congregation is important in our strategic planning process.  We have gathered with clergy, laity, and other congregational leaders around the state to gain insight into their needs. We have learned a lot, but we need to learn more. 

How can the Center best support the life of your congregation?

What do Indiana congregations need from the Center for Congregations in the future?

The Center’s Steering Committee for this endeavor are Matt Burke, Dr. Bill Kincaid, McKenzie Scott Lewis, Beth McKee, Wendy McCormick, and Tim Shapiro.

Do you have questions? Or ideas of how the Center could be more helpful to your congregation?

Please share your ideas, comments, and questions with Tim Shapiro, by email. 


Flourishing Congregations Workshop - November 2019