Is Your Congregation Too Creative?

Is Your Congregation Too Creative?

Convergence.pngIs your congregation too creative? Probably not. Oddly enough, there can be a bias against creativity in some of our congregations. Perhaps this is because some creativity doesn’t live up to standards of excellence. Or maybe many of us find it difficult to venture outside our comfort zones. Imagination can be scary. Just remember the last time you had a bad dream.

Yet creativity can be a source of much good in congregational life. Genesis begins with a narrative of a creator God. We are made in the Creator’s image. Creativity is stitched into the tapestry of creation. Creativity can be a good thing for your congregation.

The Center for Congregations has discovered an excellent resource: Convergence. It is for those of you who want to explore how your congregation can make good use of creativity, become a hospitable place to artists and awaken creativity in those who don’t think of themselves as creative.

A decade ago, artist and pastor Lisa Cole Smith saw the possibilities that existed between the arts, faith and congregational life. She has created a community where people can experience the convergence between faith and creativity. She has learned ways that a congregation can draw on creativity. She has helped and watched people apply their gifts to enhance ministry. Convergence and Lisa Cole Smith are resources that can help you draw on the power of improvisation and play to live imaginatively as a faith community.

Communities of faith thrive when imagination is engaged and creativity is honored.You can learn more about Convergence here.