What’s new with your congregation this fall?

What’s new with your congregation this fall?

GlassI just talked with a church in Indianapolis hosting refugees for the first time. This is a fresh undertaking for the church, and the leaders want to talk with other congregations in central Indiana that host refugees.  

Last week, I traded emails with a pastor who was designing a way to continue her sermon during the week. She wants to use the congregation’s Facebook page for conversation about the sermon material presented on Sunday. She asked if other congregations did this, and how they encouraged folks to post comments.

New adventures
There is likely something new happening in your congregation. Maybe you're working with a building project or a new adult education program, or perhaps your congregation is venturing outside its doors with its latest community ministry endeavor. Whatever the new thing is, you want it to go well. You want it to be successful. You would like to achieve what you set out to do.

Resources you can use
There are a wealth of resources to help congregations plan new endeavors. You are invited to take a look at Kathleen Cahalan’s book Projects that Matter. Here is a blog about program planning and congregational learning.

And I want you to know about two workshops I am leading in Indiana that address the most important things to consider as you seek to implement something new in your congregation. The workshop Mapping the New takes place in September in Valparaiso and October in Brownstown.

What’s new in your congregation this fall? Don’t go it alone. There are many resources that can help you make your project successful.