Team Learning Gets Results

Team Learning Gets Results

team“I wish our youth minister could’ve been here with me. I will do my best to share my experience with her.”

“I came by myself, so I’ll have to take this information back and see what others think.”

As I read through our education event evaluations, comments like these are pretty common. If you’ve ever attended some kind of workshop or conference by yourself you’ve probably felt the frustration of trying to bring the ideas you’ve learned back to your teams. 

We deeply believe that it is important to involve as much of your congregation as possible in new learning, visioning and planning. Of course it is not always possible to get everyone involved, or even a sizeable team, but we think the more involved the better.

If you’re considering attending an upcoming education event, whether for the Center for Congregations or any other learning opportunity, we strongly urge you to think about inviting others from your congregation to go with you. A team that brings back new learning and new ideas can be much more effective in leveraging needed change than just one person.

In addition to bringing others to an education event, it can be powerful to dream and plan with involvement from a large portion of your congregation. The World Café is a resource that can help you plan and implement large scale conversations. Their website provides background on this process, opportunities for consulting, toolkits, articles and books.