Talking About Racism

Talking About Racism

talkSeveral congregations have recently asked for resources to help them talk about racism. As white congregations, they want to prepare for dialogue with their multi-cultural neighbors. They want to learn more about the historical roots of racism and how it has become ingrained through social and economic structures. 

Among the many fine books available, there is one curriculum that stands out as practical, accessible, and free. White Privilege:  Let’s Talk – a Resource for Transformational Dialogue is a free, downloadable curriculum from the United Church of Christ. 

It is designed to engage participants in “safe, meaningful, substantive, and bold” conversations on race. The curriculum contains background reading, webinars, and a conversation guide.

To get a feel for the material, it may be helpful to watch one of the five accompanying webinars, such as Whiteness as the Norm

For congregations who want to delve more deeply into racial issues impacting communities of faith, the Center for Congregations’ free online resource guide,, offers many more excellent resources.  Take a look at

Katie Lindberg
CMG Consultant