Making a Difference in Hearts and Attitudes

Making a Difference in Hearts and Attitudes

“The difference that this project has made is in the attitudes and hearts of the people... where once they thought they couldn’t, they are now stepping out in faith and making it happen! They are seeing all kinds of possibilities now and are no longer hesitant to try,” said Sheridan First United Methodist Church Pastor Carol Fritz.

When the congregation was accepted into a Center education and grant program, its leaders found benefits beyond the updated technology that they sought.

“This project has made a difference in that it is bringing forth conversations about change that we have really never had before,” the pastor explained. Change was once an unpleasant word, but now hearts and attitudes are transforming. 

“This was a great catalyst in motivating them to thinking about other changes that need to occur here at First UMC to move us from just maintaining to thriving,” she said.

The Project
First UMC received a grant through the former Technology and Ministry Grant Initiative. The church installed a video projector, large retractable screen, choir monitor, new speakers and microphones in the worship space. They added flat screen TVs in various rooms throughout the building, as well as new infrastructure and new computers and software.

Thinking Outside the Box
Leaders at First UMC are now thinking “outside the box” about ways of reaching others in the community. “These visions of ministry flow from the new technology that has been installed,” Fritz explained. The technology has allowed the congregation to offer dinner-and-a-movie night, children’s matinees, after-school programs, podcasts and more. The women’s study group enjoys getting a clearer view of the speaker on the big screen, and worshippers can all watch the expressions of the little ones during the children’s message.

“All in all, we would say that bringing in the new technology has been a great success. It has brought back some of our younger families and more younger families are attending worship,” Fritz stated. “I am seeing more interaction after worship between the older adults and the parents of these children.”

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