Leader Self-Care

Leader Self-Care

LeaderWhether you are a volunteer or a staff member, being a congregational leader is hard work. There are many joys that come with serving as a congregational leader. You get to be part of meaningful projects and programs. You receive the satisfaction of serving others. However, it is challenging to deal with all the demands placed upon you.

How do you take care of yourself?
You need to bring your best self to the work you do on behalf of your congregation. There are many resources that can help you be your best self. I want to share two.

Calling Forth New Life
This book by Kirk Byron Jones titled Calling Forth New Life uses the New Testament story of Lazarus as a paradigm for overriding negative attitudes in order to transform your congregation. Dr. Jones leads a workshop on this subject on February 18, 2016 in southern Indiana. Click this link for more information:

People-Pleasing Pastors
Another self-care resource of which I’m fond is People-Pleasing Pastors by Charles Stone. Stone writes about avoiding the trap of being a people pleaser in ministry. The book focuses on what he calls the 3 B’s — Bible, Brain science and Bowen Family Systems Theory. I commend this volume for your consideration.

You have an important role in your congregation. Self-care is part of congregational leadership. May you continue to grow and find your work rewarding.