The Journey of Generosity

The Journey of Generosity

BeyondAs I type these words, I’m looking at a dollar bill. I see the image of George Washington. I can see it is a 2006 series. The signature of the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulsen, Jr., appears on the lower right. 

I wonder where this dollar bill has been. Maybe it spent time in the tip jar at Starbucks. Perhaps this dollar bill has been held by a six-year-old, her first dollar bill earned by helping grandfather with the dishes. Or maybe this currency was given to a woman holding a sign on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. Can you see the sign with your imagination? "Homeless, every little bit helps."

Many congregations sponsor an annual fundraising campaign for pledges or offerings during the fall. Congregations like yours need dollar bills and more to flourish. If your congregation is sponsoring an autumn fund drive, how will it be different this year? 

I’m interested in knowing what innovative ideas you are implementing and what new resources you are discovering. If you care to share, email me at I promise I will respond. 

In the meantime, here are two helpful resources for you. 

Faith and Money: This blog highlights the importance of promoting a culture of giving. Congregations are encouraged to be a primary place where generosity is taught rather than being simply one place among many that asks for money.

Beyond the Offering Plate: This book helps congregational leaders like you to think and act strategically about generosity. This volume was edited by Adam Copeland, who directs the Center for Stewardship Leaders at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.

I’ve placed the dollar bill back in my wallet. I wonder where it will go next.