How Well Does Your Congregation Communicate?

How Well Does Your Congregation Communicate?

CommunicationsIf we were to play the old word association game, and I said “audit,” how would you respond? Finance? Inspection? IRS? Complicated?

You may not have quickly associated “audit” with “communications.” How well does your congregation communicate – among the staff and leadership, greater membership, community? What methods do you choose to communicate and how effective are they?

Grace and Peace Magazine recently dedicated their fall 2017 issue to communication in the church. Among the helpful articles is a gem of a resource written by James E. Copple titled "The Power and Promise of a Communications Audit." In 10 concise steps, Copple outlines how your congregation can conduct a simple internal and external communications audit.

Check out the article and let us know how we, at the Center for Congregations, can help.


Doug Hanner
CRG Consultant