Exploring Social Media

Exploring Social Media

treeYou want to use social media so that it supports your congregation's mission. You don't want to use social media just because it is a cool gadget.

Social media can be an effective tool to communicate your congregation's activities, your identity, to invite others to consider participating in your life together. It also can consume time and energy that could be used for the essentials of faith life like prayer, study, service, spiritual direction and those things that matter most to your faith community.

Social media, ideally, supports the work of your congregation. It promotes your ministry and encourages others to participate in important experiences.

Social media should not become the focus. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Anchor, Vine, Snapchat and others are tools. They are not the main thing.

Check out the below workshop and resources to help your congregation increase its capacity to use social media well.

The Center is hosting a workshop in Indianapolis on March 23rd at Christian Theological Seminary titled Social Media and Ministry. I highly recommend this learning event if you are interested in faith reflection about new media, a self-audit of your personal and congregational use of new media and actionable ideas regarding next steps.  

The CRG has information about several fine social media resources for your congregations, including Church Tech Today. Also, take a look at this blog from Church Tech Today.