Congregations as learning organizations

Congregations as learning organizations

learn bookI have written a book. How Your Congregation Learns: The Learning Journey from Challenge to Achievement, published by Rowman & Littlefield, is available this month.

The book is about how congregational leaders move an idea to reality. In that sense, the book is about program planning and implementing new projects.

The book describes the journey your congregation takes when its leaders learn to do new things. The learning journey begins with a sense of unease that leads to defining a challenge. Then you will experience exploration, discovery, disappointment, taking on and letting go, validation and, ultimately, another challenge.

The material from the book comes from our work at the Center for Congregations. That means that the idea of the learning journey isn't something I invented. It is something I observed by working with congregations over the past 14 years.

If you read the book, you will learn from peers. You will learn how congregations like yours have successfully addressed their challenges and opportunities.

If you would like the book, email me at As long as limited quantities are available, I will send it to you. Include your name, your congregation, and your address in the email.

You can also talk to me about your congregation's current challenge or opportunity, using the framework described in the book. Yes, I'm offering a free consultation. Email me at the above address, and I will arrange a half hour conversation.

What new adventure is your congregation contemplating? Perhaps you are considering adding a children's program this fall. Or maybe a team is discerning a community ministry outreach for your faith community? Is your congregation exploring issues related to mental health?

Regardless what new thing you are considering, you and your colleagues are not only doing something new, you are learning something new.

Let me know how I can be helpful. Let the Center know how we can be supportive.

You can check out more information about the book and the subject of congregational learning at Faith and Leadership, on this book info page, or take a look at this blog on congregational learning.