Congregation Equipped to Use Virtual Tools

Congregation Equipped to Use Virtual Tools

vidFirst Christian Church Youth Pastor Chad Boseker wanted to upgrade the Jeffersonville congregation’s communications through technology. He felt the time was right to make their website more user- and visitor-friendly. He wanted to live-stream worship services for shut-ins and others who could not attend in person. And he wanted software to enable online giving.

Getting the job done
He was met with some resistance at the beginning of this proposal a couple years back. Early objections had to do with cost and whether such changes were really needed. These concerns were not surprising; neither did they block the way forward. Chad persisted through the strength of his vision and strategic communications. Ultimately, the congregation applied for and received a matching grant from the Center for Congregations to pay for website design, a live-streaming service, and e-giving software.

Ready for the future and now
Now at the end of the grant project, Chad reports that all systems are in place and, while they couldn’t have anticipated it, they are now superbly positioned to weather the coronavirus pandemic. 

Even before the virus lockdown upended congregational life, the redesigned website saw an uptick in traffic, virtual worship services reached 40 attendees, and online giving generated new and continuing contributions. Today, more than ever, each of these capacities is proving essential.

About the new and improved systems, Pastor Chad says, “I think they are giving our church a sense of pride and hope that we are reaching people and that we are moving forward with the culture of today by keeping up with technology.” 

We're here to help
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