Change Ringing

Change Ringing

change“We love change!”

This is one of my favorite phrases to hear from a congregational group. Really. While change can be a bumpy trail to ride, we all can site occasions when positive and timely change elicited new life, revitalization, fresh ideas and rediscovery of basic values and beliefs which perhaps had become blurred from vision.

There are more than 120 resources the Center for Congregations’ staff has curated on the CRG to help your congregation with change Click this link and get yourself some help!

I learned recently about “change ringing” -  the art of ringing a set of tuned bells in a controlled manner to produce variations in their striking sequences. This definition is from Wikipedia.  It is encouraging to consider how change ringing may symbolize the dynamic of a congregation. Each of us can be instrumental in positive change.

As you browse through the variety of change resources, be sure to check out the book Immunity to Change and the article Group Processes that Facilitate Positive Change.


Doug Hanner
CRG Consultant